Miramar Parkway Interchange Construction Update

Phase 2 construction of Miramar Parkway is currently underway as crews continue work in the middle bridge section. This phase is anticipated to be completed this summer.

Phase 3 construction will begin in the next few months. As part of this final phase, westbound traffic will be shifted onto the newly constructed middle bridge section. Crews will then demolish the westbound section of the existing bridge and will begin construction of the final section of the new bridge.

The final configuration will include three through lanes in the westbound and eastbound direction. In addition, there will be triple turning lanes from eastbound Miramar Parkway to I-75 northbound. Motorists on westbound Miramar Parkway will have triple turning lanes to I-75 southbound as well. The Miramar Parkway interchange is anticipated to be completed in early 2017.unnamed unnamed_1

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